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Exciting Tax Breaks for Eligible Investors
1st November 2017
Dear Potential Shareowner,
We have some great news!
When we launched our Community Shop Share Offer document, we had applied for the Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme tax relief from HMRC. We are delighted to announce we have been successful and this could be very good news for you.
If you are an eligible UK income tax payer you’ll be able to claim back 50% of your investment in tax relief, up to a maximum of £3600 invested!
So, if you invested £20 you will now only pay £10 in cash terms.
But here is the really exciting bit; you can double your investment right now effectively for free! If you have invested £20, you can invest another £20 today and you won’t pay a penny in cash terms after you have claimed the tax relief.
And this is all on top of the massive benefits having a shop will have on the village.
But two things to note: firstly, this specific tax relief is limited only to investments of up to £3600. Secondly, investors should note that in order to be eligible to claim this 50% back in tax relief you will need to have already paid in the last year, or be due to pay in the current tax year, as much as that relief in tax. In other words, if you invest £100, and claim back £50, you need to have paid last year or be due to pay this year £50 in income tax.
Please read our Share Offer document for more information about this tax break.
Remember to share this great news with your friends, family and colleagues.
Thank you for your support!

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