Rural Deliveries 

Our delivery service from the shop is working well, except for the deliveries to outlying areas. Our current delivery team do not know what deliveries they will pick up when they report to the shop. Sometimes they have arrived on foot, only to discover that all their deliveries are for outlying destinations. To address this issue we have had to make the following adjustments; our current delivery team will only be able to deliver to Cheriton village


In order to service our neighbouring villages, we will only be able to deliver outside of Cheriton on Tuesdays and Fridays only, and in order to do that we need further volunteers, with 4×4’s to take the orders out. Please contact me on if you are able to help.
We envisage that we may have to reimburse volunteers for their diesel, and so there may be a small charge for this service.


Folk from outlying areas can still order by phone, e-mail or written order slip, and if you are willing to collect your order, then it will be prepared for you. No problem – supplies are good.
We do apologise for this inconvenience, but we are trying our best to maintain a service. I hope you will understand. Thank you.
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