Gazing at Gazebos

Thank You

What an amazing, immediate response to this morning’s blog! No sooner was the ink dry (or whatever the IT equivalent is!) than Tony Brown was on site erecting his sizeable gazebo, followed by Andy Norton. What a wonderful village we live in!


When you see all those local news items on the telly about how people are getting involved with their local communities, do you, like me, find yourself saying, “We’re doing that….”…”We’re doing that…” and so on.

One More Please

There is room for just one gazebo more on the shop drive. At this rate we’ll soon have the high street under cover, and be half way to Poughill before you know it.

Sir Kevin

Thanks, again, everyone. Plus, a massive thank you to Kevin and his daughter, working till late in the shop today. Someone asked me, “Is Kevin going to get a bonus after all this?” I replied, “Maybe, but he’s certainly going to get a knighthood! From now on he’s going to me known by me as “Sir Kevin”! Alan Sugar, eat your heart out! 
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