In “pole” position we have Wayne (of Forge Garage fame) and Teresa Davey who got their gazebo up, next to the shop at the top of the drive.

We had two more offered, one of which was too large, and the other which is still residing in a garage where the occupants are self-isolating, which brings me to the challenge we face. Owing to self-isolating, we don’t have our usual team of willing volunteers to put up these gazebos, so could we ask that families, who have a gazebo to offer might put up their own gazebo alongside the next in line on the shop drive.

Let’s see those gazebos grow!

I reckon that four should completely cover the shop drive for waiting shoppers, when it rains. Any time after 11am shop closing time to avoid shoppers and social contact would be great.

Please let me know ( if you put yours up so that I can contact you when it’s time to take them down, after “lock-down” has ended. Thank you! That still leaves that one gazebo on offer in that garage…..Hmmm!

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